How To Start A Game of Pinball (Don’t Be a Noob)

“Really?  A post on how to start a game??  Who doesn’t know this?”

Well, beginning players may not know.  People who’ve never seen a pinball machine won’t.  While it seems rather intuitive, you’d be surprised at the number of people I’ve seen over the last 4 years ask me how you start a game.  So fear not beginner, here’s how to do it (don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you asked):

1)  If the machine you’re playing is in a public location, you need to feed it some money.  20150121_180025

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Four Tips All Beginning Players Need To Know

Just started playing pinball?  Want to get better instantly?  Well, if you abide by these 4 tips, your play will improve immediately.

1)  Don’t Double Flip

I should have put that in all caps.  OK, let me say it again, DON’T DOUBLE FLIP.  What is double flipping?  It’s a cardinal sin many new players commit.  Panicked by the ball, they’ll furiously hit both flipper buttons at the same time, desperately trying to bat it away from draining.  Here’s a lovely visual:


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