Four Tips All Beginning Players Need To Know

Just started playing pinball?  Want to get better instantly?  Well, if you abide by these 4 tips, your play will improve immediately.

1)  Don’t Double Flip

I should have put that in all caps.  OK, let me say it again, DON’T DOUBLE FLIP.  What is double flipping?  It’s a cardinal sin many new players commit.  Panicked by the ball, they’ll furiously hit both flipper buttons at the same time, desperately trying to bat it away from draining.  Here’s a lovely visual:


There’s two perfectly good reasons to never do this:  1) When both flippers are up, you’ve increased the gap that the ball can fall through.  Congrats.  2) When both flippers are up, they are out of position and unable to respond to the ball.  You can’t hit it again if it comes back quickly at you.  You can’t do a dead bounce pass.  But I’m getting ahead of myself – we’ll get to flipper techniques in another post.  For now, just never, ever, double flip.

2) Aim Your Shots

Don’t flip wildly, flip with purpose.  Pinball tables have rules, some of which are very complex.  In order to get a good score in pinball, you need to be hitting the shots that will award the most points.  You do this by being thoughtful, and having shots in mind that you want to hit.  What shots do you aim for though?  Well, a quick and dirty rule of thumb is if it’s flashing, aim for it.  But that’s too simplistic, which brings us to tip number 3….

3) Read The Rule Card

If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do before playing a game you’ve never played before, is read instructions.  To me, reading instructions is something people without ADHD do.  But in reality, reading a rule card will take you less than 30 seconds, and will help immensely.  Here’s where to find it:


And here’s what one looks like up close:


With the exception of older machines, a rule card won’t provide all the rules of a machine.  Rather, it provides a simplistic guideline on what you should be going for.  Think of it as crib notes for pinball.

4)  Start Multiball

Multiball is a game feature that came about in the early 1980s and is a great way to rack up serious points.  As the name suggests, multiple balls are put into play with chances to make jackpot shots.  What’s even better, most games are designed so that a player with average skill should be able to start it.  Find out how to start multiball by reading the rule sheet cards on each machine.

There you have it:  four simple tips that will help any beginner improve his/her play instantly.


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